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The best 90 minutes in my whole week!

Teaching sewing is what I do, it's what I love.... I am at my happiest when I am surrounded by fabric, my sewing machine and others who love to sew. I teach many classes throughout the week but the one that has my heart is my kids class on a Wednesday afternoon.

This amazing group of children (average age of 9 years) are motivated, fun and totally immersed in the world of sewing. I now realise that it is so much easier to teach children complex skills compared to adults because they don't have any perception of what is meant to be difficult. "Hey class today we will be sewing an invisible zip into a skirt " I hear a "Yay I love zips".......really ....because no adult has ever said that to me LOL

When I was young my Mum and I would sit at the kitchen table sewing and chatting…..nothing was more important than the current project we were working on, and that hasn’t changed 45 years on! A perfect day with my Mum is one that starts with a cuppa and ends in Spotlight. Mum is the only person who doesn’t give me a time limit …’s shop till you drop and I love it!

Yesterday I went to Spotlight to buy 7 buttons and came home with 64 metres of fabric, 100 buttons, 2 Zips, a doona and wool…..and this is the norm!

20 years ago I started sewing with my daughter who was 7 at the time. Anything that could have been shirred or been embellished with love hearts….was. The memories of this fun and creative time full of laughter and chitchat is very precious to me because any as any parent knows to well it really is a blink of an eye and they are an adult.....and I am thankful my adult daughter can do her own alterations!

I have often been accused of exaggerating a point....but I do honestly believe one of the best things you have do for yourself and a child is teach them to sew. Create something together, listen and laugh at their stories. Create memories you will both treasure while learning a wonderful life skill.

Thank you to all the magnificent children in my Kids sewing class for making it the best 90 minutes in the whole week x

Happy Sewing


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