Felicity Kamry

Patient, fun and knowledgeable is how I would sum up Donna’s teaching style. Her passion for sewing is infectious. With Donna’s assistance I completed 2 gowns which I entered into the Australian Masters of Fashion Gown of the Year competition. To my both my gowns were chosen as finalist gowns.....Thank you Donna

Jade Adams

I have always loved to sew but Donna’s teaching allowed me to explore my creativity and express myself through wearable art. The highlight of my year sewing with Donna was creating my beautiful steel boned corset, which I am still wearing 10 years on.

Lorenza Doyle

Donna was the best teacher I ever had for sewing.She taught me so much and taught me in a way that I could remember and think for myself and really challenge myself with my sewing and my projects. Her techniques for construction and pattern making are literally the best I have ever known. I find myself now skimming through Threads magazine knowing Ive learnt better techniques and can understand sewing patterns at lightening speed which I never did before. Even though I studied in 2008 I still catch myself saying Donna’s name when I tell people what she taught me and her knowledge and knack for everything from fabrics to couture finishes and the in and outs of the fashion industry. Donna has been a sewing guidance for me for many years and I couldn't recommend her teaching, skills and lovely personality highly enough.


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